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Pregnancy Discrimination Case at Lucasfilm Continues

A new trial in Marin over Lucasfilm's pregnancy discrimination case is likely.



    Pregnancy Discrimination Case at Lucasfilm Continues
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    Filmmaker George Lucas and his company Lucasfilm are in a spat with the Alioto-Veronese clan.

    A woman who claims she was fired from a job at Lucasfilm and won a $1.3 million settlement is still fighting in the courts.

    The pregnancy discrimination lawsuit, which was appealed to a higher court, has been sent back to Marin Superior Court, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

    Julie Gilman Veronese, 36, sued Lucasfilm Ltd. in 2009 after she was hired for a job to be an assistant to the estate manager at George Lucas's San Anselmo estate.

    She was hired, but never began the job, the newspaper reported, and filed suit claiming that she "was terminated because she became pregnant."

    A Marin jury sided with Veronese and awarded her $113,830 in damages and $1.2 million in attorney's fees. Lucasfilm appealed the verdict, and an appeals court sided with the company, overturning the ruling. The Supreme Court declined to hear the case, which means the case must be retried in Marin Superior Court.

    Angela Alioto, the attorney for Veronese who is also the plaintiff's mother-in-law, says she'll ask for a new trial and "could do it in my sleep."

    "I believe the new jury," she told the newspaper, "may even find malice."