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Private Red Rock Island Up for Sale, Slashes Price to $5M



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    A shot of Red Rock Island.

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A private island in the San Francisco Bay has had its priced slashed and is now for sale for $5 million.

    The San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday that Red Rock, a 5.5 acre span of rock, sand, vegetation and minerals, was for sale for $22 million in 2012.

    The price was slashed to $9 million without any takers.

    Red Rock can now be picked up for the price of many homes in San Francisco.

    The island comes with an interesting history. In the first quarter of the 19th century, Russian hunters landed there to trap otters.

    In 1964, Mendel Glickman, son of Frank Lloyd Wright, purchased it for less than $50,000 with unsuccessful dreams of building a destination hotel.

    It is the only privately owned island in the Bay, straddling Marin, San Francisco, and Contra Costa counties.