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San Francisco's Glide Memorial Church Celebrates 50 Years



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    Glide Memorial Church celebrated its 50-year anniversary Sunday, as the Rev. Cecil Williams led the service.

    Hundreds of people sang and danced at a special church service during Sunday Streets in San Francisco's Tenderloin District.

    It was special because Glide Memorial Church is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

    Founder Cecil Williams, who is also a reverend at the church, led the service on a warm Sunday morning in the city.   

    "I want you to know something today here at Glide and here at the streets of San Francisco," Williams said. "I want you to know we can make it. All we gotta do is take it to the streets. We can make it."

    Mayor Ed Lee honored Williams with a sign that said "Rev. Cecil Williams Way," which will now adorn the corner of Ellis and Taylor where Glide is located.

    Some of the church's accomplishments in the last 50 years include 800,000 meals served per year.