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San Francisco's Latest Homicide a Gruesome Tale



    San Francisco's Latest Homicide a Gruesome Tale

    A murder mystery is unfolding in San Francisco that reaches across the state.  It began Monday morning when a body was discovered inside a burning car on the streets of San Francisco.

    Prosecutors said Thursday that the victim was a Sacramento woman named Vanessa Herrera. They said she had been strangled in Sacramento sometime Sunday or early Monday before being driven to the City's Lower Haight neighborhood and set on fire.
    Police arrested the prime suspect in the case, Almon Johnson late Monday in San Francisco.
    Police say the relationship between Herrera and Johnson, and the motive for the killing, are still under investigation.
    Assistant District Attorney David Merin laid out his case against Johnson in front of San Francisco Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Thursday morning, according to Bay City News.
    Johnson missed his arraignment because his lawyer said he was being held in a hospital jail facility and unable to appear.  Even without him present, the judge set bail at $10 million.