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Sewage Floods Areas in San Francisco

Residents and business owners are cleaning up after the nastiness.



    Residents and businesses in San Francisco on Folsom St near 17th experienced unpleasant flooding when sewage washed up on their doorsteps. (Published Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015)

    The rain has some flood victims in San Francisco on edge.

    Residents and business owners on Folsom near 17th spent the day cleaning up after being flooded with sewage and rain water.

    The storm water system over flowed Thursday morning sending a murky mess spilling into properties for a block.

    It has happened here before.

    The SFPUC spent millions of dollars on a fix in 2008. The agency is now looking into what caused the overflow.

    Thomas Lackey owns the flooded Stable Cafe. He has been through the clean up before and says it is daunting. He is disappointed the city did not fix the problem and wonders if he can continue working in the area, knowing he may be flooded again.

    City crews placed a line of sandbags on the block. Hoping to prevent another flood event if the storm water system is overwhelmed again during our heavy rains.