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Raw Sewage Floods Peninsula Neighborhood

Underground pipe burst sends sewage into streets



    Raw Sewage Floods Peninsula Neighborhood

    Nearly a half dozen garages in Redwood City are drying out today after being flooded with sewage.

    An eight-foot section of pipe below ground broke and released an unknown amount of sewage Wednesday into the streets and into Redwood Shores Lagoon. The smell lingers as public works crews struggle to fix it.

    Water is still flowing to the homes in the area near Davit Lane and Anchor Circle but with the sewer not functioning, large trucks are removing sewage from the streets. The trucks are temporarily functioning as a sewer system.

    The public works department does not know why the pipe broke. A telephone call went out to residents warning them to stay away from the sewage and the lagoon in order to avoid any potential health risks. Warning signs are also posted around the lagoon.