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Tesla: Our Batteries Are Sound, Here's Why

One blogging rumor begets a blogging explanation from car company.



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    Tesla Motors
    Tesla says its batteries not only hold their charges, but that any potential problems are automatically communicated back to the company.

    Update: Tesla has published a detailed blog post answering the allegations made by another, independent blogger. The discussion is over electric-car batteries and how they operate.

    One key point made by Tesla: "Model S and Model X will have batteries that can sit unplugged for over a year when parked with only a 50 percent charge."

    The original version of this story is below.


    The power of the written word can have an effect in Wall Street, at least temporarily.

    Blogger Michael DeGusta, who writes for 'The Understatement', recently posted that batteries for the Tesla Roadster model can be ruined when left unplugged for an extended amount of time. Tesla stocks tumbled 6 percent on Wednesday for a short time, but later rebounded.

    DeGusta says the battery could get depleted within a week, essentially rendering it useless. The car's owner would then have to spend at least $32,000 dollars to have it replaced.

    Palo Alto-based Tesla Motors responded quickly, saying their batteries will still retain a charge if left unplugged for weeks. It also says all batteries will eventually be damaged if left at full depletion for an extended period of time. There are also warnings built into the car which signals owners when to have the battery checked. An option exists to have the car automatically notify Tesla when there's a problem.

    Tesla owners who saw the blog say it's all overblown. Some have left their car in their garages for as long as a month, only losing a small percentage of power.