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Salinas Gas Station Briefly Becomes Airbnb for $50 a Night

Sanborn and Market Gas in Salinas was briefly advertised as an Airbnb rental for anyone who ever dreamed of spending the night inside a convenience store of a gas station, KSBW reported.

But as of Thursday, that listing is no longer on the Airbnb site. It's not clear whether Airbnb or the gas station's owners took down the listing.

For just $50 a night, Sanborn and Market Gas offered all you can drink – hot water, other beverages, coffee, and ice cream – a toilet and basic needs. All guests needed to bring along with them was an air mattress.

“Rather than stay at a real nice comfy luxury place, this has a real nice experience,” owner Pete Shen told KSBW.

The gas station promoted itself on Airbnb’s website as, “Gas station stay over,” where guests are offered a safe night’s sleep with security cameras, good lighting and a location on a busy street corner.

“I’m the guinea pig in the commercial business so far for Airbnb,” Shen told KSBW. “After our first stay over, see how it goes, maybe people might like it; maybe people may not like it. So we’ll see how it goes.”

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