Alice Waters' Toxic Nightmare Bares the White House Fruit

Alice Waters "toxic" White House nightmare has finally bared fruit, or veggies to be exact.

The queen of slow food convinced First Lady Michelle Obama to plant an organic garden on the White House grounds last March to "demonstrate to the nation and to the world our priority of stewardship of the land."

But Waters' crowning moment quickly turned into a disaster when it was discovered that Mrs. Obama's organic vegetables were fertilized by toxic sewer sludge.

And while it looked like the first family's attempt to show the world, by example, that local produce is the way to go would go away, the garden was resuscitated and actually has produced more than 1,000 pounds of food, according to the Associated Press.

White House assistant chef Sam Kass, who oversees the garden, wrote on his blog that he is using "hoop houses" to help the garden grow by trapping heat during cold months and he plans to use lettuce spinach, mustard greens, chard, carrots and cabbage in presidential soups and salads soon.

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