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Antioch Puts Off Vote to Raise Gay Pride Rainbow Flag

Antioch city leaders postponed their vote on whether to raise the gay pride flag after Tuesday night's City Council meeting got heated.

The council decided instead to draft a resolution on the issue and take a vote in two weeks.

Gay Pride month starts Saturday.

Jack Rednour-Bruckman of Contra Costa County’s Rainbow Community Center says flying the rainbow flag over Antioch City Hall will send the message that "we embrace everyone, you are welcome here as a gay person."

"I see it as a symbol of hope and diversity and inclusion, and it’s been raised around the world to mean that," Rednour-Bruckman added.

Not everyone in Antioch agrees. A handful of very vocal people showed up to the council meeting, urging city leaders to vote against a proclamation that would allow the city to fly the rainbow flag during the month of June.

Lauren Posadas works and goes to church in Antioch. She says raising the gay pride flag would not be inclusive of her Christian beliefs.

"I believe marriage is between a man and a woman," she said.

The city of Dublin took heat last week after refusing the fly the flag. Leaders there are now reconsidering the move.

The Antioch City Council pushed its vote back two weeks, saying it needs time to draft a resolution before it can take action. Rednour-Bruckman has brand new flag ready to donate if the council gives the green light.

"It would be the right thing," Rednour-Bruckman said. "Just raise the flag. It says you accept everyone and support everyone."

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