San Jose

2 Taken Into Custody After Sideshows Break Out in San Jose

Authorities took at least two people into custody after sideshows broke out in San Jose early Thursday morning, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The CHP took one person into custody and impounded their car for 30 days, CHP Sgt. Daniel Hill said. Officers also took a sideshow spectator into custody after they were spotted driving erratically on the freeway. 

Before the sideshows began, the CHP received word that "there was going to be a significant amount of cars flooding into the San Jose area" to clog intersections and participate in sideshow activity, Hill said. The CHP subsequently positioned officers in certain locations around the city in hopes of preventing sideshows from starting and to keep traffic flowing.

"We were able to able to mitigate or prevent almost all of these events from taking over our freeways," Hill said. "And we were able to help San Jose PD keep their city streets free flowing and keep their incidents down to a minimum."

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