BART Police Officers Concerned About Being Overworked

Many in the Bay Area say more officers on BART will mean more confidence for riders, but at least one report says BART officers themselves are worries about being overworked.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit plans to increase the number of days its police officers work is getting good reviews from riders who claim the transit system needs more officers.

"We think there's more that can be done," said Rufus Jeffris from the Bay Area Council. "We're simply asking BART and BART police and local communities, chiefs, sheriffs, to come together, to have a conversation about what might be possible."

The Public Policy Organization believes safer BART trains will help Bay Area businesses. In fact, they went farther, saying other local police departments should play a role in patrolling BART.

However, published reports claim the BART Police Officers Union is upset with parts of the new plan, calling the proposed 6-day workweek unsustainable.

Both BART and the Bay Area Council say that that part should be temporary.

"Certainly the reports indicate that BART is understaffed," Jeffris said.

NBC Bay Area reached out to the BART Police Union for comment but they did not get back.

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