Bawax Obama to be Unveiled in SF

This is not exactly the kind of  "change" President Obama had in mind, but his likeness has been transformed -- dramatically. 

He's got perma-grin. 

And his right arm is perpetually extended in a gesture that looks more like a handshake than a fist bump. 

The San Francisco Wax Museum is about to induct its life-sized version of the Commander in Chief into its Hall of Presidents. 

His waxiness arrives Thursday in San Francisco aboard the Presidential Yacht Potomac.  That is the very same vessel that ferried around the real-life FDR.  

No. 44 cost $15,000 and took six months to mold into beeswax. 

His eyes are medical glass; teeth porcelain and hair human.  And believe it or not, each individual strand was inserted one at a time. 

WaxObama will join 150 other life-sized figures at the museum.

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