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Bay Area Universities Rank High on Forbes America's Top Colleges

The completed list of Forbes America’s Top Colleges has been released and Bay Area Universities are ranking high.

Not only was Stanford University ranked the No. 1 top college in the country, but UC Berkeley also made the list at No. 40 followed by Santa Clara University at No. 88 out of 660 schools across the nation.

But that wasn’t all; UC Davis was ranked No. 125 and UC Santa Cruz No. 200.

The 660 colleges across the nation were ranked on categories of student satisfaction, postgraduate success, student debt, four-year graduation rate and academic success.

The list was curated alongside the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, Department of Education, Payscale and the America’s Leader’s list looked for factors concerning students directly, not what is required to be accepted into the college 

The full list of the Top Colleges of 2016 is up now, but you can see all the Bay Area schools that ranked below.

America’s Top Colleges 2016

Stanford University #1

University of California, Berkley #40

Santa Clara University #88

University of California, Davis #125

University of California, Santa Cruz #200

University of San Francisco #231

San Jose State University #315

San Francisco State University #374

California State University, Chico #384

California State University, Sacramento #429

California State University, East Bay #465

California State University, Stanislaus #475

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