Blue Bottle Looks to Brew a Taste of Vietnam

Coffee roaster looking at brewing a new blend of coffee

Is Blue Bottle Coffee not making your favorite type of warm liquid goodness? Just let them know and the Oakland coffee roaster may just listen.

Our friends at SFoodie report that Blue Bottle is exploring different methods to make its own artisanal Vietnamese drip coffee. And the idea came from a request from a local pho restaurant and Blue Bottle customers.

One of the company's wholesale trainers, Vien Dobui, has taken it upon himself to find a method that would work for Blue Bottle.

The problem is, Dobui has only been to Vietnam once, and well before he was a coffee addict, according to SFoodie.

The brewing expert, who regularly trains staff at Blue Bottle on brewing methods, is playing around with Vietnamese coffee practices used by Bay Area restaurants. So far he has not found anything to his liking and if he doesn't, Blue Bottle won't jump into the Vietnamese coffee game.

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