Brentwood Woman Receives Backlash After Having Coyote Killed

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A Brentwood woman is facing backlash after she had a coyote killed and then posted a photo of its carcass on social media.

Having the coyote killed was apparently legal, but the actions taken still upset some people in Kay Cortese's East Bay community.

Cortese said she's been dealing with vicious coyotes for years and recently stepped up her efforts to stop them.

"This is where he ate it," she said, pointing to the spot where one of her beloved roosters was killed by a coyote last week. "I'm telling you, I will never get over that pile of feathers by the side of the road."

Cortese said she's lost dozens of animals to coyotes over the years, including geese, turkeys, pigs and chickens.

"Sometimes they'll just kill them just to kill them," Cortese said.

Following the latest killing, Cortese had her handyman build a blind.

"He's got a chair inside here and then he's got a gun that he pokes through the holes," Cortese explained. "He sits there and waits and waits."

The blind worked. Cortese posted a photo of the coyote they killed on a neighborhood social media website to warn others of the danger. But the post has drawn outrage from many.

"Why kill an animal who is living in his environment," someone wrote. Others called the post not necessary and tasteless.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) said property owners do have a right to protect their animals.

"That person would have the authority, as long as there are no firearms restrictions, to kill the offending animal if it came back and continued that threatening behavior," Patrick Foy with CDFW said.

Cortese said she just wants others to be aware.

"Your pets aren't safe," she said. "Don't leave them alone. Don't walk them unleashed."

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