Burglary Suspects Leave Video of the Crime on Couple’s iCloud

A San Jose couple came home from vacation last Sunday and found their car stolen and their home ransacked and despite catching the burglars on camera, they’re still waiting for answers from police.

Tiana Le and Toai Tran While looking at vacation photos when they found a video of three girls inside their stolen car uploaded to their cloud.

"They are driving my car, using my iPad with her purse, with our cash, smoking weed and drinking at the same time," said Tran.

The couple told police about the 18-minute video but they said investigators only wanted a screen shot.

Frustrated, they posted it on Facebook hoping someone could identify them. Turns out, one of the girls is a neighbor.

"One of the girls’ mom reached out to me and apologized for her daughter," said Le.

The couple said that if they can track down the girls in the video on social media, police should be able to find them too.

While they wait for answers from the police, Le and Tran continue feeling unsafe in their own home.

"I feel like my sense of security in my home was taken away from me," said Le. "I’m afraid to go home, I shower with my door locked."

Police said the case is an active investigation and though the couple doesn’t want anything terrible to happen to the girls, they do want them to be held accountable for their actions.

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