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‘Call Girl Killer' Alix Tichelman Faces New Charges After Discussing Google Executive's Death

A new interview given by the woman once called the "Call Girl Killer" is leading to new charges.

High-end escort Alix Tichelman served three years in jail after pleading guilty to injecting a lethal dose of heroin into a Google executive in Santa Cruz. The 51-year-old Forrest Timothy Hayes died after they both did heroin on his yach in the Santa Cruz Harbor.

NBC-affiliate KSBW last week interviewed Tichelman about that death and the deadly overdose of her former boyfriend in Georgia one year before.

Tichelman in the interview stated she had nothing to do with his death. But on Monday, prosecutors in Georgia announced charges. Tichelman now lives in Canada.

Authorities hope to arrest her and extradite her back to the United States.

When Tichelman found out about Hayes' death, she said in the KSBW interview it was one of the worst moments of her life. The case made national headlines.

Tichelman also said that instead of coldy sipping wine while Hayes was unconscious, she was in a panic and agonizing over calling 911.

"It just looked like he had passed out," Tichelman said. "I know I've done drugs and passed out, and not woken up until 24 hours later. I figured it was something like that, which was wishful thinking."

Tichelman was deported to Canada upon her release and said she is now leading a clean and sober life there.

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