Camp Fire Cleanup Workers Fired Over ‘Insensitive' Photos From Burn Zone

Disgusting, insensitive and abhorrent. That's what people are calling a series of social media posts by three workers assigned to do repairs in fire-ravaged Paradise.

The posts show show the men making fun of the devastation, posing with charred debris.

In one post, workers posed in what is left of a burned RV with a caption that reads "they're off on a fun-filled vacation." Another one shows a similar worker with his feet in a trough and a flower pot on his head.

"They were here to clean up, that's it," said Anne Russell, a fire victim. "They were not there to mock a tragedy that has affected an entire town."

Russell said the posts are hurtful, especially one that shows a photo of a deceased cat with a beer bottle to its mouth. The caption in that post read "Dude I was just chillin' with my homies having a couple of cold ones when bam...a fire breaks out."

Russell lost her home and pets in the Camp Fire, which stands as California's most destructive and deadliest wildfire in its recorded history.

The East Bay company the men work for calls the posts highly irresponsible. The company said it has fired all three employees.

In a statement the company said "This incident is an affront to all the honest, hardworking and caring employees of Bigge Crane and Rigging Company and does not reflect our heartfelt values or the spirit that built this company over the last 102 years.

"I'm grateful they have been terminated," Russell said. "And frankly, I hope they have a tough time finding another job elsewhere."

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