Campbell Planning Commission Deadlocks on Hamilton Avenue In-N-Out

The city of Campbell Planning Commission’s much-anticipated vote Tuesday on a proposed In-N-Out ended in a two to two deadlock, meaning the popular burger chain will have to appeal the decision if it wants to move forward with plans to open at the Hamilton Avenue location.

“We are disappointed at the two to two Campbell Planning Commission vote on the Campbell Planning Department’s recommended approval of our application,” the company wrote in an issued statement following the meeting.

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It appears that the company will likely move forward with an appeal. “We look forward to a thorough review and discussion of our project at a yet-to-be scheduled Campbell City Council meeting,” the company stated.

The controversy surrounding the proposed restaurant site has been evident at multiple City Council meetings. While many were in favor of the In-N-Out, the main concern among opponents was the impact on traffic due to the location.

“I do not believe the city can work with the overflow of traffic and inadequate parking in the area,” said one opponent in the public comments on June 9. “I would love to see an In-N-Out in Campbell. Just not there.”

But others felt the city could manage the traffic problem. “I think adding an In-N-Out would be a nice addition to Campbell,” said another public commenter. “I do agree that this corner can get congested, but demolishing the old restaurant, it can be set up to accommodate the long lines.”

Since February of 2017, 770 public statements have been made on this topic.

Campbell City Council candidate Sergio Lopez said after the meeting Tuesday, “I was focused on what would help us create a liveable community.” Lopez cited the potential impact on traffic as a concern about the location and said there may be better ways that the space could be used.

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