Caught on Camera: Person Takes Dog From Parked Car in Oakland

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An East Bay man is desperately searching for his dog after somebody stole the pup from his parked car.

Surveillance footage captured the thief break into Leonard Margado's car in Oakland Tuesday afternoon and walk away with his dog Cocoa.

"We live for him. He lives for us," Margado said. "If I don't have him, I don't have a reason to be living. I miss him."

Margado said he couldn’t bring Cocoa into his doctor appointment, so he and his son Ralph left the dog in the car parked on Broadway with the window rolled down.

"Usually we take him to the doctor with us, but today was the one day the nurse asked us to leave the dog in the car, and so we did," Ralph said. "Someone stole him right out of the car."

Surveillance footage shows a person opening the car door and taking the Pomeranian mix. The dognapper is then seen walking down the sidewalk with Cocoa on a leash as if the dog was theirs.

"We were just dumbfounded when we got to the car," Ralph said. "We couldn't believe it."

Margado and his son have been searching nonstop for Cocoa ever since.

They said he has a skin condition and needs medication.

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