Stephen Ellison

Caught on Video: Thief Steals Cash Register From SF Ice Cream Shop

A San Francisco ice cream shop captured video of an early morning prowler who made off with a cash register, and the break-in has other merchants in the Potrero Hill neighborhood concerned about the rise in property crime.

What was especially frustrating about the burglary was that the Milkbomb Ice Cream Shop is right across the street from a San Francisco police station.

The video shows the person entering the store about 4:30 a.m. Thursday. The thief went into the back of the business and tried access the safe, the shop owner said. When that didn't work, the cash register was the next target.

Without a cash register, workers at the shop have been accepting credit cards only.

The owners of Milkbomb are hoping for a swift response from police.

"It does worry me that someone was able to get in there," co-owner Marion Valenzuela said. "And we don't know if they're going to come in again during business hours when we have our family there. ... You would think it's a little bit of a nicer area there in San Francisco, but I guess things do happen."

One week ago, another ice cream shop in the Mission District was vandalized.

San Francisco has the highest big city property crime rate in the country, according to FBI crime data released last year.

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