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CES: Intel Unveils the ‘Smart Dress'

What happens when you mix technology and fashion?

You get something like the Smart Dress being shown off here at CES by Intel.

The Silicon Valley tech giant hire designer Becca McCharen (you might have seen her work on runways, or dressing up Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video) to bring high-fashion to the latest in wearables that track you.

The dress is actually called the "Adrenaline Dress," because, says McCharen, "It works on adrenaline. When animals are frightened, their muscles expand."

And so, the dress expands - not just if the person wearing it is frightened, but also if she takes a deep breath, or exerts herself. The idea is that the dress will always be a perfect fit, even as you change slightly during the day.

It's entirely made on a 3D printer, and for now, is just a prototype.

But, says McCharen, "it's a natural progression for women's wear," and could eventually find its way onto fashion-conscious techies who want their fit to always be just right.

Although, if you think we Apple Watch owners get asked about our wearables a lot .. Just wait until people start wearing this dress.

Scott tracks tech and fashion on Twitter: @scottbudman

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