City of Dublin Continues IKEA Development Debate

After much debate, the Dublin City Council is slated to vote Tuesday on whether to let furniture giant IKEA break ground on a stretch of property off 580 and Hacienda Drive.

Those who are against building an IKEA store in Dublin passed out yellow t-shirts before the meeting making sure people know where they stand.

"We don’t have the infrastructure for it," said Dublin resident David Di Vecchio. "It will take over a lot of our resources for police fire for safety."

That’s just a few of the reasons why the fight against building the 317,000 square-foot retail store has been going for years.

"It’s already compact so it’s going to be more insane," said a Dublin resident. "I’d shop there though, who doesn’t love IKEA."

The company wants to put the retail giant along 580, an area known for gridlock during the morning and evening commutes.

A spokesperson said Tuesday store traffic won’t interfere with morning commute traffic because IKEA opens at 10 a.m. after rush hour.

The center would generate an estimate $1.76 million in annual revenue for Dublin and hundreds of jobs.

"They talk about revenue being a big draw for wanting IKEA but there’s no cost analysis for that revenue," said Di Vecchio.

An IKEA spokesperson said the company is all about community.

"IKEA does not hedge, IKEA does not speculate, we go only where we will be successful and we believe the Dublin store will be a strong and vibrate part of the IKEA family," said Angele Robinson-Gaylord, IKEA US Properties.

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