Clorox Hopes to Wipe Out Porta Potty Pyro

Clorox hopes to flush you out San Francisco's porta potty pyromaniac.

The Oakland-based chemical company it is putting a "potty patrol" team on the streets of the city today in an attempt to wipe out the crime spree.

At least 30 portable toilets have been set ablaze in recent months leaving a charred trail of waste and melted plastic.

The result has been  more than $50,000 in property damage and potential fire hazards.

Clorox's Family of Toilet Products, with the support of the San  Francisco Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice, the San Francisco Fire  Department and the city's Safety Awareness for Everyone (SAFE) network, will  stage the potty patrol among outhouse locations in the city's Jackson Square,  North Beach and Levi Plaza areas.

The patrol will start at Sansome Street and Pacific Avenue at 11  a.m. and proceed to Front Street and Broadway and to Pier 3 on The  Embarcadero before returning to Sansome and Pacific at noon.

If they can't catch the potty-pyros, they will pay those who join their stinky fight.

Along with a $5,000 reward, they are offering a year's supply of toilet products for tips that lead to the arrest of the person or persons who have been torching the toilets.

Some say the toilets are targeted because of the way the burn.  It only takes a few minutes and all that is left is a melted pile of plastic turquoise mess, along with the expected stench.

"These people, I don't think they're criminals, but they are kind of out of their minds to do that," Far West Sanitation & Storage containers president Alex Rodriguez told the Associated Press last month.

San Francisco resident Rob Spectre set up his own map to track the porta-potty-pyro and it shows the cluster of incidents surrounds the Marina, Russian Hill and North Beach neighborhoods.

Explaining Clorox's interest in the wiping out the unknown prankster, company spokesman Dan Gagen quips, "You could say that it's a crappy job, but some body's got to do it."

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