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Community Activist Recovering After Being Shot in San Francisco

After years of working for the street violence intervention program in San Francisco, Rico Hamilton is the victim of violence.

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A San Francisco man who has dedicated his life to preventing street violence in the city is recovering after being shot.

Rico Hamilton, who has worked with the street violence intervention program in San Francisco was shot three times on Broadway after a night out on Nov. 21.

“I felt myself drifting out. When I’ve responded to homicides or shootings, when I see people drift, there is a higher percentage they died. For me, that was my biggest fear, it was not making it home,” he said.

It was an incident that has shaken his wife, Crystal Brown-Hamilton and his four children.

“I called his phone and the officer picked up,” she said.

Hamilton told NBC Bay Area’s Jean Elle that he had just bought a pizza he shared with strangers and was walking to his car when he heard gunshots.

A security camera recorded the gunfire.

Hamilton said he didn't know the shots were coming.

“I would have done my best to utilize my skill sets that I have in violence intervention, prevention, mediation and de-escalation. I didn't get an opportunity to do any of that stuff,” he said.

Hamilton said he did manage to run inside a club and get help.

Hamilton said there were about 20 people outside on Broadway when he was shot.

Investigators told him they do have some video evidence, but they need witnesses to come forward.

While recovering at San Francisco General Hospital, Hamilton said he can't help but think about what more needs to be done to end gun violence.

“How do we get guns off the streets and invest in quality programs and hold people accountable?” Hamilton added.

A GoFundMe account is raising money to help Hamilton’s family while he continues to heal.

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