Consumers Share Tips on How to Preorder iPhone 6

The presale for the first iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus starts at midnight tonight. It's only available online at wireless provider websites and The new phones will be sold in stores on Sept. 19.

Diquan Richard has preordered an iPhone online before and says it's easy to fall behind in the hunt.

"Just make sure you go through all the information," Richard said. "It's easy to misspell something...and sometimes it'll accept it as well as reject it."

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Some people are holding off to see if they like the bigger screen.

"To see it in hand, to find out whether 6 or 6 plus, how good it is to handle it," said Dilip Kothari.

Others just can't wait.

"I'm going to attempt to (preorder), just to save the frustration of camping out," said John Bui.

Bui said it's like scoring coveted concert tickets online.

"Me and my buddies have it down to a system. Open multiple browsers, all have it on the same page. Hit F5 (to refresh) at the same time and see which one loads," he said.

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Some analysts think this will be the biggest launch for Apple since the original iPhone. They said the first batch could sell out over the weekend. Bui said it's important to be fast during the presale.

"Have everything typed out and you just cut and paste into the appropriate fields. Credit card information, first and last name -- all that good stuff. It saves those precious seconds because things like that go by super quick," Bui said.

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