Contra Costa County Assessing Emergency Alert System After Gas Leak in Alamo

Contra Costa County officials are working to figure out exactly what went so wrong with the county's emergency alert system and how to fix it.

The county issued an alert after a gas leak in Alamo Wednesday, but it went out to some people outside of the affected area and with little detail.
The alarming text message told people to evacuate the county immediately, but it did not say why.

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The county thinks the emergency warning system worked fine, but another system may have had a glitch tied to a computer upgrade.

Workers at the Le Boulange in Danville say they took the alert seriously.

"I informed my co-workers…and we swiftly evacuated everyone off the premises," Eric Ahmadi said.

Businesses affected by the faulty alert will soon be able to file for compensation.
The initial issue happened when an East Bay MUD crew hit a gas line.

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