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Controversy Surrounds Former San Jose Councilman's Run for Supervisor

Allegations of sexual and verbal abuse, as well as accusations of catering to unions are causing a big split among Democrats in the South Bay.

Democrats are watching a big fight in a heated race for a seat on the Santa Clara Clara Board of Supervisors.

It was not long ago former San Jose Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio was a rising star. Now party leaders are officially condemning his candidacy and say he lacks the morals to lead.

Calling their action a part of the #MeToo movement, leaders and members of the Santa Clara County Democratic Party officially condemned the conduct and candidacy of the supervisor hopeful. 

At the heart of their complaints are allegations from a lawsuit several years ago by an Oliverio staffer when he was on the San Jose City Council. During that time he was accused of sexual and verbal harassment, including saying "You’re so f-ing moody...just like a woman... a moody unpredictable (expletive).”

Oliverio declined to address the harassment allegations, pointing out it was from a case he was dismissed from and settled financially with the City of San Jose.

In a letter through his attorney, Oliverio said the Democratic Central Committee resolution is really about "how my voting record did not align with union positions."

Oliverio said the local Democratic party has no room for "moderate" Democrats and that is why people are leaving the party.

The campaigns will get more heated because party leaders will campaign for other candidates and say Friday’s action against Oliverio is just the start.

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