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Corte Madera Holds Rally to Remember Rep. John Lewis

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One year ago, legendary congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis passed away.

There were a number of rallies -and ceremonies across the Bay Area and the rest of the country to honor his legacy.

One of the vigils took place at Corte Madera.

“It's really hard to believe that John Lewis is not with us anymore. He was an inspiration for so many people, he's a titan of voting rights and civil rights,” said Susan Bolle, event organizer

It's one of more than 100 across the country organized to pressure congress to pass the John Lewis voting rights act.

But organizers of this event aren't just rallying, they're also making phone calls, trying to convince people to support the legislation.

“We've been contacting voters in the states of some of the recalcitrant Senators, who are loathe to reform the filibuster and frankly, our own Senator, Feinstein is in that group,” said Bolle.

From Corte Madera to this event in Washington, D.C., the rallying cry went out in city after city.

In San Diego, an honor of a different kind for the Georgia congressman. The christening of the United States Navy ship named in his honor.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attended Saturday’s event in San Diego.

“One of the mottos of the Navy is Semper Fortis, always courageous. And John Lewis was indeed always courageous,” she said.

The USNS John Lewis is the lead vessel of its class of fuel supply ships for the navy.

In the year since his passing, congressman Lewis’ legacy of voting rights activism continues to inspire. Not just because of his mission. But also because of his methods.

“He was a joyful person, and I think that's something that needs to continue here, as we fight a fight that really needs to be fought,” said Santa Rosa resident Don Feely. “I think we need to approach it with joy and enthusiasm.”

There are currently two bills circulating through Congress focused on voting rights. The first is the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

The Second is the 'For the People Act'. Both have stalled in the Senate because of Republicans efforts to block them.

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