COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Begins in 2 Bay Area Counties for Kids Ages 5-11

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The effort to get younger children vaccinated for COVID-19 moved forward Saturday as two Bay Area counties opened clinics.

In San Francisco’s Excelsior neighborhood, there were plenty of families who showed up to get vaccinated. But this time it was the children’s turn to roll up their sleeves.

“It means that they’re safer we have elderly parents in our home, and we want to make sure they stay safe as well this enables one more step so our family members can be safe,” said Lloyd Shand.

Shand works for the city and didn’t hesitate to get his children vaccinated.

The community based COVID vaccination site had a family friendly atmosphere with balloons, bubbles and more for 5- to 11-year-olds who are now eligible for the Pfizer vaccine.

80 shots were administered Saturday by appointment.

“Demand is so high people are so excited to be able to get their vaccinations. Also, to get them protection against the virus we are that enthusiasm is seen an encouraged,” said Dr. Ariel Franks, Department of Public Health vaccine task force equity lead.

The Latino Task Force, Excelsior Strong and the Department of Public Health partnered up in an area with many essential workers.

And in San Mateo, the county is having quite the effort to provide a welcoming environment for children getting their shot.

“We’ve done mass vaccination; we’ve done community clinics. I like to say this is a shot in the arm with a little fun,” said David Canepa, SMC Board of Supervisors President..

This clinic at the county’s event center had a playland theme and helping children feel at ease.

“What we want to do here in SMC is to create a family fun friendly venue. It’s all about superheroes," Canepa said. "It’s all about red carpets. it’s all about making people and families feel comfortable the great news is we have 300 appointments today and we’re all sold out."

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