Danville Native Forced to Quarantine Upon Return to School in Hawaii

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A Bay Area student is offering the world a look at just how much more challenging things have become in the pandemic. 

She's preparing to return to school at the University of Hawaii, but this year, that's different than anything she's ever seen. 

Danville native Abby McDonough just arrived at an Airbnb near the University of Hawaii for her sophomore year as an education major. Her freshman year was filled with all the exotic experiences she hoped for when she arrived after graduating from San Ramon Valley High.

“It was such a lively campus,” she said. “It was so immersed in nature and just gorgeous.”

But all that has now changed.

“I got off the plane and we went into a giant line where we had to go through a health check,” McDonough said.

After that, she was escorted to her new home and on Wednesday, started a very strict 14-day quarantine. 

“If you break any of these rules, you could, you will be arrested,” she said. “You will have a $5,000 fine at the most and you could spend a year in jail.”

McDonough says she totally understands and respects how much Hawaii is doing to protect itself, including random phone calls from the state to track her location.

She’s starting a video log on Instagram to document the experience to get people in the states to appreciate how much it will take to beat the coronavirus.

“Every time you break a rule or break something you’re probably hurting someone else,” she said. “And I hope that my videos show that you actually need to take this seriously.”

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