Rhea Mahbubani

Defense Takes Turn in Sierra LaMar Murder Trial

Monday marked a change in gears in the Sierra LaMar murder trial with the defense taking over.

Most of the testimony came from defense investigator David Jaquez, who testified that he looked at surveillance video from VTA buses in the area at the time of Sierra's disappearance.

None of the video Jacquez reviewed showed the red Jetta the suspect was allegedly driving that day.

It appears the defense is trying to plant the seed that maybe the suspect, Antolin Garcia Torres, was not driving the red Jetta on the day Sierra disappeared.

But the prosecutor attempted to show Jaquez's data collection was not completely accurate.

"The defense was picking points that applied to them, but when David Boyd spoke and cross examined them, they were just off on the time," said Emme Spencer, a search volunteer.

Spencer is one of a couple of search volunteers who have become regulars at the trial.

Garcia Torres is charged with murdering Sierra in March of 2012 even though her body has not been found.

Prosecutors said Sierra's DNA in Garcia Torres' red Jetta.

One big discrepancy is that there is a period of six hours where the Jetta is unaccounted for on the morning Sierra disappeared.

The defense has hinted in testimony that perhaps the Jetta was nowhere near Sierra's bus stop that morning because it is not seen on any surveillance video in the area.

"I'm taking notes, specifically to see if there is something that we missed in the searches," Spencer said. "Then maybe we can go back."

If convicted, Garcia Torres faces the death penalty.

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