Pete Suratos

Dixie School District Leaders May Vote on Name Change

Leaders of a North Bay school district on Tuesday may vote to change the district's name, which some people have called offensive.

The Dixie School District in San Rafael could have a new name depending on how the school board votes Tuesday evening.

Some people believe the "Dixie" name, which is synonymous with the Confederacy, is racist.

Those who want to keep the name in place argue it's in reference to a Miwok Indian woman named "Dixie" who knew the man who donated the land for the first school in the district back in the 1800s.

Last month, the school board decided to revisit the name issue at a later time instead of voting on the 13 names proposed by opponents of the "Dixie" name. Board members wanted to do more research instead of rushing to a decision.

At Tuesday's meeting, which is scheduled for 5 p.m., the board will consider two names: Live Oak Valley Elementary and Sojourner Truth Elementary.

If the school board can't come to a decision, the naming issue could come down to a community vote, but that wouldn't take place until 2020.

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