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Dog Believed to be Stolen Reunites With San Jose Family

A dog believed to be taken from her yard near Highway 680 and Mabury Road in San Jose earlier this month is back home.

San Jose resident Vannie Nguyen shared surveillance video of the moment she said Diamond, her Boston terrier, was taken from her yard on April 7.

The video shows a woman carrying what appears to be a dog walking away from Nguyen's home.

"I felt so despaired at the fact that I may not get her back," Nguyen said.

The family canvassed the neighborhood putting up hundreds of fliers on poles and trees and finally, someone called the number on the flyers Thursday saying they bought the dog off the street near Story Road.

A San Jose family's beloved dog was snatched from their front yard earlier this month, and they say the crime was caught on video. Marianne Favro reports.

"They had seen NBC News last night and wanted to return the dog," Nguyen said. "So what happened was just truly a miracle."

Nguyen previously called a search party for Thursday night but since Diamond was returned, they decided to have a community meeting instead.

"I’m really appreciative of my neighbors here," Nguyen said. "I've knocked at their house. I've cried with them."

Many neighbors connected for the first time, pledging to start a neighborhood watch. A community in action brought together by a dog.

"While this was going on, it's good to get to know your neighbors and share some of the things going on and helping each other," said neighbor Marivel Araiza.

Even though Diamond is back home, the San Jose Police Department continues their investigation into the matter.

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