Free Swap for Pink-Slime-Free Beef

Fresh & Easy Grocery Stores Offer Free Trade-ins on Ground Beef Today


If you're anxious to swap out the "pink slime" that's still lurking in your freezer, wait no longer.

Fresh & Easy grocery stores have invited customers to bring in any competitor's ground beef, and you can trade it in for a new, slime-free package. The front page of their website says, "We have never, would never, and will never use the ammonia treated filler known as 'pink slime' in our ground beef."

The offer is only good today, and Fresh & Easy is limiting the trade-ins to one per person, up to two pounds. Several grocery chains have banned meat containing pink slime from their store shelves in recent weeks.

 Pink slime is a beef additive made from fatty meat bits and connective tissue that is treated with ammonia to remove germs.

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