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Drone Video: Trump Chicken Spotted in San Francisco Bay (Again!)

The Trump Chicken made a return to San Francisco, sailing aboard a boat in front of the Bay's most iconic landmarks.

Chickens aren't exactly known as waterfowl, but one especially large chicken that first appeared at a protest in April, 2017 came back to the Bay over the weekend — this time, aboard a boat.

The Trump Chicken — a giant, inflatable effigy that resembles a cross between the barnyard bird and President Donald Trump — has popped up at demonstrations around the country since its debut last year at the San Francisco Tax March. This time, it set sail for a three-hour tour around Fishermen's Wharf, The Embarcadero and McCovey Cove aboard a vessel marked "Alcatraz Prison Transport" — with its golden-haired passenger clad in a striped prison shirt marked with an inmate number: "00045."

Trump Chicken was seen floating about in San Francisco Bay again on July 22, 2018.

The 33-foot-tall exercise in free speech has been almost a year in the making. On the Trump Chicken website, organizers said they raised over $10,000 to float the "Chicken of the Sea" behind a conservative political rally that was scheduled to take place at Crissy Field last summer, but had to modify their plans when the organizers of that rally "chickened out."[[488950581, C]][[489026161, C]]

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