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East Bay Businesses Concerned About Possible Outages as Storms Roll in

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As a series of storms make their way into the Bay Area, more storm-related problems are already starting to pop up.

Thousands in the East Bay have already seen weather related power outages.

When some East Bay businesses lost power because of what was listed as a weather-related reason, many were left confused and a bit frustrated.

Business owners and residents in Montclair told NBC Bay Area Wednesday that they lost their power for several hours earlier this week.

“Either way, unless 70s or 80s, nice and sun out, our power becomes inconsistent. So that’s an interesting one,” said Mike Williams, owner of Crogan’s.

Eric Kim, owner of a Korean grocery store was also left in the dark. He told NBC Bay Area that it is a situation that he’s deeply concerned about.

Just a month ago, Kim’s store suffered through five days without power, threatening to spoil his inventory.

With the rising costs of supplies, Kim said that he can’t afford to go through that again.

“The cost of the merchandise, everything going up and it’s like really panic,” he said.

By noon Wednesday, over 5,000 customers in the East Bay had their power down over 7,000 for the entire Bay Area.

PG&E said that even sprinkles can affect their distribution lines.

“It’s a phenomenon where dirt or debris get on the power lines,” said Tamar Sarkissian, a spokesperson for PG&E.

Power lines were sparking fires and causing outages during Sunday’s rains.

PG&E officials said on Wednesday that they are working hard to clean their distribution lines before the heavier rain starts falling.

“Here in the East Bay, we actually have washed over 2,000 poles in the past couple of weeks," Sarkissian said.

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