East Bay School Screens Documentary Aimed at Teaching Teens the Dangers of Drunk Driving

A gut-wrenching documentary was shown to juniors and seniors at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton Friday as part of the “Every 15 Minutes” program aimed at teaching teenagers about the life-altering dangers of drinking and driving.

The film goes from carefree under-age partying to a horrible tragedy that for some, was intensely personal and painful.

"It seems very real to me," said senior Savana Sadler. "With the crash, and the funeral it was very real."

Creating that real heartache and loss took Amador Valley High months of preparation, a partnership with Pleasanton Police, Eden Medical Center and Alameda County Firefighters.

Joined by the Dublin High Video Production team, they brought that deadly car crash and its horrific aftermath to life.

"So cool when student from my school can collaborate with other kids and create something so powerful," said Michael D’Ambrodio from the video production team at Dublin High.

NBC Bay Area pitched in too for a little added realism.

An unnerving scenario was capped off by a full-on mock funeral for the students killed in the crash.

It was complete with eulogies, memorial boards, real tears and most importantly, a renewed conviction to stay sober.

"I always knew not to drink and drive, but this made it so real," said senior Isa Clark. "Greater emphasis, it’s not worth it."

Watch the full documentary below:
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