About 300 People Peacefully Protest in Oakland, Zero Arrests Reported

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About 300 people marched in Oakland Tuesday in honor of George Floyd, a smaller and more peaceful group than previous nights.

Around 70 protestors sat down on Broadway in violation of the 8 p.m. curfew, before that, hundreds marched on the downtown area -- loud and emotional.

“We have to create a better life for our children,” organizer Caleb said. “It happen today or tomorrow but we got to do it.”

He said what it is he'd like to see come out of these protests.

“First, get rid of all these police officers right now because they’ve been doing wrong the whole time,” said Caleb. “Get rid of them or you guys can be paying them but we ain’t gonna be paying him we complete our own community.”

About 50 of the protestors blocked an intersection one block from police headquarters, outnumbered by law enforcement by at least 3-1.

A police spokesperson said the difference between Monday night’s arrests and Tuesday night was that they let demonstrators out until close to 10 p.m.

On Monday, they didn’t have any resources to spare with four shootings and looting. Thing were much calmer on Tuesday so they let it play out and it ended peacefully.

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