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Best Friends, Bar Co-Owners in Livermore Say 49ers Vs. Packers Game Means Business

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The 49ers took off for Green Bay Thursday where they’ll play the top seeded Packers in the NFC divisional round of the NFL Playoffs this weekend. 

It’s a special game for two best friends in Livermore who say this game means business.

“We always knew there’d be two sides to this bar, yes,” said Scott Reid, co-owner of The Good Time Tavern.

Reid and co-owner Justin Parrish are best friends. They opened the bar 17 years ago. Parris is a diehard 49er fan and Scott a Packers fan.

Those teams are facing off in the playoffs -- both are two wins away from the Super Bowl.

“My first memory as a child was 1981 ‘The Catch,’” said Parrish.

“I grew up in a family from Scotland, so we never really had any sports but my dad was this amazingly crazy diehard Packer fan," said Reid. 

They each have their own separate side of the bar they decorate. 

“We buy each other autographed Packers stuff and Niners stuff,” said Reid. “When Christmas rolls around you can expect to see a jersey or something going up on the ceiling.” 

No matter who wins, their friendship and banter is undefeated. 

“Packers 31-17 is who’s winning this Saturday,” said Reid. “They’re not playing Dak Prescott this week, they’re playing the soon-to-be four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers.”

Come game time, you know where they’ll be watching.

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