Livermore Winery's Move to Ban Kids on Weekends Sparks Debate for Parents

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Concannon Vineyard in Livermore will only allow guests age 21 and up on weekends starting on May 14, news shared with Concannon members in an email sent Wednesday.

"We have received feedback from guests and members alike asking for a more intimate experience on weekends to fully unwind, relax, and enjoy the pristine grounds," the email read. "Starting on Saturday, May 14th, the property will be 21 and over (including infants) on Saturdays and Sundays only. As always, we strive to provide the highest quality of service and accommodate all guests, and that is why children and infants are welcome to join your reservation on weekdays: Monday, Thursday, and Friday, but currently no longer on weekends. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

NBC Bay Area reached out to Concannon to ask about this policy change and was told the vineyard does not have a comment at this time.

The popular Livermore winery draws in visitors young and old, in part because of its ample lawn space. The decision to disallow kids on weekends has some community members feeling left out.

"As a mom with kids, that's just somewhere that’s not gonna be on my list of wineries anymore,” said Jeanna Schnurbusch, a Livermore mom. Schnurbusch said that she will often bring her kids to enjoy sunny days out at Livermore wineries.

"Because the wineries that I favorite, that I go to a lot, are the ones that I can take the kids and picnic and enjoy the atmosphere as well as the wine," she explained.

Parents and patrons weighed in about Concannon's policy change on social media Thursday. Some shared that they support the change, adding that even though they are parents themselves, they prefer to have a kid-free winery experience.

"As a parent, I get it, I too would like to have that adult-only time, however, my reality is like with some other families, my kids are gonna be with me 95 percent of the time,” said Pleasanton mom Liezl Cruz-Hou.

"I don’t have the luxury or option to hire a babysitter or have someone trusted to watch my kids," Cruz-Hou explained. "Before I became a parent, I remember thinking 'Concannon, that's where I can go with my kids where I can still do my adult thing, drink wine, but with my kids,' and I was so disappointed that’s not gonna be an option for me."

While the winery will allow kids on the property on some weekdays going forward, Cruz-Hou said that is not possible for her as she works full-time during the weekdays. She wonders if the winery could adjust its policy to have one weekend day where kids are allowed.

"It also speaks to the philosophy of who you see as your most valued guest, and families it doesn’t seem like they are it's top-valued guests," she said of the winery's decision.

The new policy on Concannon goes into effect on May 14, but a vineyard representative explained that kids will still be allowed at the winery for this upcoming Mother's Day weekend.

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