Bay Area

Episode 1: “The Super Seven”

"Bay Area Revelations" is a new documentary series featuring the untold stories of the people, places and moments which helped to shape the Bay Area into the unique region it is today.

The first chapter of the series, The Super Seven, will recount the story of the remarkable stretch from 1976 to 1996 when the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers appeared in 16 out of 20 post seasons and, in a run of success unmatched by any market in America, won seven Super Bowls combined.

This program is told primarily through the lens of Bay Area Football legends, including former 49ers General Manager John McVay, former Raiders Head Coach Tom Flores, former Raiders Defensive Back George Atkinson, former 49ers Wide Receiver Jerry Rice, former 49ers quarterback Steve Young, former Raiders Wide Receiver Fred Biletnikoff and former 49ers Safety Ronnie Lott. It also includes insightful commentary and interviews with Raiders play-by-play announcer Greg Papa and 49ers team photographer Michael Zagaris.

Through archival footage and previously untold stories, The Super 7 provides viewers with an inside look at what made both teams tick during the championship years: the aggressive style established by Al Davis, the comedic relief provided by Joe Montana, the rivalries with the Steelers and Cowboys and Bill Walsh’s magic that transformed the 49ers.

Airs Super Bowl Sunday after "The Tonight Show" special on NBC Bay Area.

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