Facebook App for IPad Will Launch With IPhone 5

Still holding out for an official Facebook app for that iPad? Mashable reports that after much delay, the Facebook app will finally be shown off at Apple's October 4 event for the iPhone 5 and iPod refresh.

It took a little while, but it's coming. Last we heard of it, Techcrunch had managed to find the app code tucked within the iPhone app and cracked it open for all to try. After that boo-boo, the code was then removed in an app update.

We've heard nothing about it since, but we do know that if its grand debut will be at the iPhone 5 unveil event next week, then Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's stance on the iPad not being a "mobile" device has changed. He previously said that the iPad didn't need an app because he felt it was more of a computer and accessing Facebook from the browser was just fine.

But things have changed. His company is now changing things up and turning into a huge media company — partnering with content providers such as Spotify to enhance Facebook.

While there are concerns that that Jeff Verkoeyen, the lead developer for the Facebook app for iPad quit in a flame of fury over its continued launch delay, we're sure the extra time will be for the better. Facebook's pushing that new Timeline out, so, maybe that had something to do with it.

If you've been waiting to get your Facebook on iPad piped in from an app, just know that it should be landing real soon.

Mashable, via CNN

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