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FBI, Bay Area Law Enforcement Take Down Leaders of Infamous Crime Organization

Agents say arrests were made in Santa Clara, San Francisco, Alameda and numerous surrounding counties

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The FBI and numerous Bay Area law enforcement agencies announced Thursday it took down leaders of the infamous Nuestra Familia crime organization, also known as NF. 

The scope of “Operation Quiet Storm” was immense. The U.S. Attorney called the 5-year operation the most significant law enforcement to disrupt the organization in decades. 

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department and San Jose police joined the Department of Justice in San Francisco to talk about the arrests aimed to bring down, or at least cripple, Nuestra Familia. 

The U S. Attorney said seven of NF’s leaders of the criminal organization, apanning 28-counties, ran it from prison cells and now they, and others, have been moved to higher security federal prisons.  

Agents say arrests were made in Santa Clara, San Francisco, Alameda and numerous surrounding counties. 

But the sweep also targeted two well known San Jose gangs that allegedly operate throughout the South Bay, Salinas and Central Valley. 

“San Jose Grande and El Hoyo Palmas are two San Jose-based norteno street gangs,” said Stephanie Hinds, acting U.S. attorney. A Total of 12 members and associates of the San Jose Grande and el hoyo palmas street gangs have been charged with racketeering related crimes.

Operation Quiet Storm was anything but quiet in going after and charging 55 defendants. 

“Agents uncovered widespread networks of members and associates involved in crimes such as conspiracy to commit murder, robbery, assault, racketeering and drug distribution,” said DEA Special Agent Wade Shannon. 

The sheriff’s department alone utilized special units usually seen in high profile incidents such as the VTA shooting.

“We were able to utilize tactical assets such as swat teams, hostage rescue teams, crisis response teams, mobile command post vehicles, and surveillance teams to our advantage,” said FBI Special Agent Craig Fair.

The FBI said those tactics resulted in large seizures of cash, weapons and narcotics. 

Operation Quiet Storm has not subsided yet, but, so far, 36 of the people being sought are in custody.

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