East Bay

Fremont City Council Candidate's Sign Vandalized

A sign for a city council candidate in the East Bay was vandalized with a swastika, and the police are investigating it as a possible hate crime.

"I was just so speechless, felt anger, a lot of sadness," said Fremont City Council candidate Justin Sha said. "I really don’t know who would want to do this. People should never do this, doesn’t matter for whatever the reason."

Sha believes it’s suspicious but isn’t pointing any fingers. This is the first council election to be determined by district voting.

"The use of that sign in itself, you have to be a certain type of person or not care," Sha said.

He said the political landscape has gotten heated. There are five candidates, each strong in their own ways.

"Obviously, a vandalism, but looking into further to determine if this is indeed a hate crime. The city is very concerned about this; this is not behavior that’s reflective of our community," said Geneva Bosques from the Fremont Police Department.

Officers canvassed the neighborhood looking for video, trying to figure out who is responsible and why.

"People should never do this," Sha's dad Ron said.

Sha’s dad tried to wipe off the markings and add American flags, they said they didn’t expect this to happen here.

"That’s why it’s so shocking and so flabbergasting to see this you would think in a city of over 50 percent immigrants that people would have more empathy and compassion," Sha said.

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