Fuzzy Wuzzy has Nothing on Jack Passion

Walnut Creek men recognized for amazing beard, again

Jack Passion we salute you.

Not only because you are cool enough to have Ben Harper ask you to bail him out of a jam, not only because you are a talented writer and fashion designer, and not only because you have the most amazing beard we have ever seen, but because you are also the reigning two-time full beard award winner at the World Beard and Mustache Championships.

Jack Passion on Regis and Kelly

And in true Jack Passion style, you won the award in style, on your beard's sixth birthday.

“Today is actually my beard’s sixth birthday,” Passion told  the crowd at the championships in Alaska. "So help me sing 'Happy Birthday' to Big Red.”

Want to guess what the crowd did? Of course, they sang happy birthday to his beard. Has anyone ever sang happy birthday to your beard?

The Walnut Creek resident is one of the greatest "stache-thletes," as the Los Angeles Times has dubbed them, in the world. His long, naturally grown, red beard drops to his waste and he has never been found to used drugs to enhance his growth's performance.

You would think having one of the most recognized beards in the world would be enough. But Jack Passion is a passionate man as dictated by his name. He designs t-shirts for the ladies, with a full orange beard across the chest. And he is well tapped into the music.

"Last night, I opened for Ben Harper’s new band, Relentless 7 at The Independent in San Francisco," he said on his Web site in December. "The opener dropped out last minute, and as we’re good friends with Ben’s new band, we got the call."

On top of all that, Jack Passion is a generous man. You would think a man with a beard as amazing as Jack's would not want to share his grooming secrets with the world. But those people don't know Jack Passion.  This summer, the bearded legend is set to release his book "The Facial Hair Handbook: Every Man’s Guide to Growing and Grooming Great Facial Hair."

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