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‘His Plan is a Loser:' Gavin Newsom Says He Will Debate Trump on Immigration ‘Anytime Anywhere'

Lt. Governor of California and vociferous Donald Trump critic Gavin Newsom challenged the Republican Presidential candidate to a debate about immigration in a Facebook video Monday.

“Let me talk in a way that Donald J. Trump will understand: his immigration plan is a loser. A big loser,” Newsom says in the video. I made this animated video to illustrate why its impossible to do the stuff he says he's going to do. So putting aside the fact that it's racist — it's also ineffective and stupid....make sense Donald?”

In the video titled “Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan is a Loser,” Newsom starts off by attacking Trump’s border “wall” between the U.S. and Mexican border, calling it ineffective and a waste of money. “A wall won’t secure our border or keep us safe,” Newsom says. As for Trump’s idea of deporting 11 million men, women and children, Newsom cites a think tank that says the cost would amount to over $400 billion.

“So what would the ‘Mr. Make America Great Again’ scheme do to our country’s economy?” Newsom asks, replying that it would force America to lose half of its farmworkers and six percent of its workforce, sending the economy on a downturn worse than the great recession.

“Trump’s plan would be a disaster, and Donald, I’ll debate that plan anytime, anywhere,” Newsom says.

There’s been no response from Trump yet. NBC Bay Area has reached out to the Trump campaign for a response.

Newsom hasn’t been afraid of lashing out at Trump in the past, attacking his proposals and comments on social media. On Feb 27, Newsom posted a montage of Trump’s various campaign speeches, urging his followers to watch it: “I hope you'll share this video as it illustrates exactly who Donald J. Trumpis: a racist, insane man who uses threats and intimidation to get his way. We are better than this. We are so much better than this.”

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