San Francisco

Grumpy Cat Brings Signature Scowl to San Francisco's Madame Tussauds

The famous kitty did not look pleased during the unveiling of her very own Madam Tussauds figure.

True to form, Grumpy Cat was all frowns at the unveiling of her very own animatronic likeness on Tuesday at Madame Tussauds in San Francisco.

The famous feline, who became a digital celebrity after her owners posted pictures of her on Reddit, is the first cat to be immortalized at Madame Tussauds. Her likeness is also the first mechanical figure made by the chain of wax museums in over a century, according to a press release.

The animatronic doppelganger is complete with fur and the underbite that produces Grumpy Cat’s signature scowl. The figure even lifts its head and purrs — something the real Grumpy Cat no doubt finds irritating. The three-year-old feline posed for photos with her ears back and stayed surly throughout the unveiling.

This is not the first trip to the Bay Area for the internet sensation. Earlier this year, she was at the ribbon cutting for a new mobile adoption center in Berkeley, and she was also seen glaring at onlookers at Macy’s in Union Square in November 2014.

Grumpy Cat — whose real name is Tardar Sauce — keeps her human on standby during events, just in case the jubilation and smiling crowd becomes too much to bear.

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