Halloween Calling at the Winchester

Tickets now on sale for the spooky abode's October attraction.

Winchester Mystery House

A DOSE OF AUTUMN: We're looking for various ways to cool down this week. Fancy frozen treats and fancy frozen cocktails and those things that go around your neck that you have to put in the freezer first. (Neck freezies?) But here's another way to wish in the time when summer will be past and less intense temps will reign: Tickets for the Winchester Mystery House's annual Fright Nights went on sale on Monday, Aug. 13. Yep, Halloween is still over two and a half months away. Yep, Fright Nights start far in advance of that. Yep, weekends get busy, especially since this is one of the few attractions in the state, if not the world, to take place at a famous house that is celebrated for being haunted all year long. (Can you name another similar house that has a Halloween maze outside of it?) So whether you want to purchase your ticket for a mental cooldown vacation, or you just want to secure one of the Saturday nights closest to Oct. 31, click on, little ghoul.

THINGS TO KNOW: Fright Nights opens on Friday, Sept. 28 and scares through Saturday, Nov. 3. As with all haunted attractions, the ghosts begin to bustle around the middle of October and right up through Halloween. Our main recommendation? Make time for the house's well-known Flashlight Tour while there -- you can usually only catch them on Friday the 13ths during the rest of the year. How many sets of 13 can you count in the murky mansion by flashlight beam alone?

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